• Virus Removal

    Viruses can be a very problematic, causing  your computer to run slow or become unresponsive and increasing your frustration levels. Many technicians use virus scanning software to solve the problem but usually the virus returns. At Techcedrin we take the "nuclear option approach". For the same price of  scanning the computer we  back up  your files and reinstall your operating system. This method assures the user that the virus is eradicated...for good!

  • Laptop Screen Replacement

    The most common repair on a laptop is replacing a cracked screen. Techcedrin can repair any laptop screen.

  • Data Recovery

    Company and personal data are very important. Loss of that data could be disastrous and traumatic. Techcedrin offer the best in data recovery . Not all recoveries are successful but if it can be recovered Techcedrin can recover it.

  • Custom Built Computers

    Techcedrin can build the computer of your dreams. Business workstations to gaming super computers Techcedrin can build it for you. Custom computers come with the perfect software solution for your needs and is backedContact Us



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Computer Setup


Setup of your new Mac or PC including updating your system, setting up your login, connecting to the Internet and installing important security updates.

Virus Removal


Diagnose and troubleshoot your system, removing any viruses, spyware, malware. We’ll also show you how to best avoid future infections.

Data Backup


Back up your system so you never lose your important files. We can also help you set up a schedule to keep your data safe and secure.

Wifi Solutions


Get your new or exisiting network wire-free. We'll set up a secure wifi network and connect all of your devices.

PC/MAC Support


From software installation and OS upgrades to troubleshooting, we’ll get your system back up and running smoothly.

Smart TV Setup


Setup of your Smart TV with calibration to make sure you’re getting the best picture quality possible. TV wall-mounting is also available.

Tech Consultation


If you are interested in a new tech product or need recommendations on a multi-device solution, your HelloTech Hero can help you decide.

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General Inquiries


Questions or comments or just want to get in touch?




We’re always interested in new marketing opportunities.




We’re looking for bright self-starters to join our team.


When your computers go down, it can be very alarming whether you are a business or a residential user. The computer has become an integral part of our daily lives. Techcedrin understands the importance of having your computer systems fully functional, and we are here to make sure your systems stay up and running.


Techcedrin can provide the very best service for computer repairs and installation. From the smallest to the largest possible matters, we are here to bring you solutions.




Techcedrin is certified for repair and maintenance of both PC and Mac machines. We can handle everything from your network servers to desktop terminals, personal computers to laptops and notebooks. We even service personal devices such as the BlackBerry.


We can repair or replace



Cracked Laptop Screens

Memory installation and upgrades

Hard Drives


If your problem is caused by any hardware difficulty, the experts on our team can resolve the matter with repairs or replacement parts.




Operating system installation

Operating system upgrades

Scans and sweeps for malware

Virus removal

Firewall installation

Other security options


If your computer problems start with malfunctions in your operating system or basic programs, the Techcedrin experts will be able to resolve the matter and get you up and running quickly.




If your problems are lodged in any of these areas, we can help you –


Printer repair

Monitor repair or replacement

Server maintenance and monitoring

Any networking issue at all

Anything related to your computer hardware equipment


Techcedrin specializes in addressing any repair requirement. We are ready to check your equipment and give you a fair and honest evaluation of the benefits of repair or replacement. We work to find you the best, most cost-effective solution to any difficulties you are having.





Once issues of malware infestation have been addressed, the Techcedrin technicians can then determine if all your other software programs are functioning correctly. If we discover that program executive files have been corrupted we will assist you in repairing those gaps. We will help you install or reinstall your programs, making sure all your software issues are remedied.


When it comes to software problems, PC Fixer can help you in these areas –

Scans for virus infections

Removal of spyware

Proper installation of software

Training in many computer programs

Telephone or remote follow-up consultation when necessary






Data recovery and restoration

Data backup and storage

Data transfer between computers or devices

External hard drives

Cloud-hosted data storage


Contact us today about your data recovery issues!




We can design the set-up of your network, from physical layout to your hardware needs (servers and terminals) to the security software necessary to combat malware infection. Whether you are using a wireless network or a cabled one, our team can resolve any problem. We provide expert troubleshooting for your difficulties. If you need a DMZ between your core server and the internet, we can design one for your situation. If you need a virtual private network (VPN) to connect remote workers to the office, we will help you choose the best means for your purposes.


We can handle any networking need –

Network set-up

Wireless or cabled solutions

Troubleshooting of network problems

On-call or remote IT support

DMZ construction between your server and the Internet

Virtual private networking for your business


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